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X91+ GPSThe X91+ and X900+ GNSS RTK are compact GNSS receivers designed for high accuracy and productivity. They seemlessly work alongside any major GPS/GNSS manufactured products. Both are small, lightweight, and built for virtually any type of field work environment. The fully integrated X91+ and X900+ GNSS provide outstanding LT400HSperformance and seamless network RTK corrections management - the choice is up to you!

The new and efficient i80 GNSS system comes equipped and ready for all of your needs. It's advanced connectivity integrates into any process with almost any hardware. This system allows for common work flows without needing a data collector and comes with two batteries so you can continue your work. The i80 has a satellite antenna, internal radio, Bluetooth, RTK and 220 embedded channels. While this unit may only be 26 ounces, its performance is not small by any means. The waterproof i80 is reliable, rugged, and accurate.


The cutting-edge LT500 series offers three different options for a handheld GPS/GIS Data Collector that combines ease of use, reliability and affordability.

The series offers a cost effective positioning solution for survey, construction and GIS professionals alike. This device has a built-in gyroscope, laser plummet to position the receiver on point, e-compass for direction, and G-sensors for leveling. It is even Bluetooth compatible! The LT500 provides its users with everything they need.