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Laser and Pumpkin are the mascots/head of security/comic relief at Eastpoint Lasers. They have both become indespensible employees who love to help out around the office, as you can see. Upon meeting these two, it is easy to tell they always have a lot on their mind. While sometimes they may be up to no good, they happen to know loads of information about Eastpoint and our products as well. Come back every month to see what they are thinking about.

This month we wanted to let you in on something our awesome Uncle Tim considers one of the best investments anyone could make!

DR400 DigiRod Package

EarthWorks is what we describe as "the cat's pajamas." It is a very fast, accurate and easy to use site excavation estimation software! What's even better is that the price just can't be beat, it's a no brainer!

We have never seen a more user-friendly software and trust us we've seen it all. We really mean it when we say that it is so easy to learn, use and edit. All you have to do to edit is right click! Even we can do that with our paws. Although, Earthworks makes it difficult to make a mistake. This is because of it's voice verification and site min/max feature. It's colorful graphic reports show you an in-depth & detailed view of your project. These reports include: 3-D views, plan views, overexcavation grids, cut & fill grids and cross-sections.

This software has a long list of functions and capabilities. EarthWorks has the following volume features: cut and fill, building pad and parking lot material, topsoil stripping and respread, demoltion, overexcavation, pipe-trench length and backfill, and so many more! You can measure lengths, segments, and counts. You can merge multiple drawings. The possibilities are truly endless.

All-in-all, EarthWorks is an easy purchase to make. And if you have met us you know that around here what we say, GOES!

Laser & Pumpkin Approved!