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The Level Best laser grading box uses machine control technology and a digital proportional valve to increase grade accuracy. Using this technology, operators can reach grade faster and easier. It's accuracy allows for more precise material estimates, which reduces overages while saving time.

Here's how it works: The rotating laser is set for a desired grade. The rotating beam of light from the laser is read by the laser receiver, which is mounted on the mast pole.

The beam's location is sent to the control panel. Then the control panel is able to interpret where the beam of light is, in relation to grade.

After the interpretation is complete, the control panel then tells the hydraulic valve to adjust the grading box up or down, to keep the receiver on grade. This same sequence happens many times a second.

"Only Level Best creates grades as accurate as 1/10th of an inch with such ease, speed and reliability."

See it in action! The para-level skid-steel laser grading box with GPS!