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With the specific needs of the conventional surveying market in mind, the Nikon survey products offer a complete line of optical total stations. Nikon surveying equipment is an economical choice that utilizes established technology for optimal efficiency. With convenience and reliability as the foundation of the Nikon survey products, it is an ideal choice for value. The Nikon survey products are backed with strong technical support that surveyors would expect from a quality name in surveying. Designed to meet the needs of surveyors around the world, Nikon delivers maximum precision, reliability and affordability.

Theodolites: Nikon Theodolites


•Accurate, affordable, easy to use
•Ergonomic keypad
•One-touch function keys
•Large, backlit LCD display
•NE-100/101 models are water-resistant
•NE-102/103 models are waterproof
•5", 7" and 10" accuracies available


Automatic Levels:

AS/AE Series Auto LevelsNikon AS-AE Auto Levels

These models are nitrogen-filled, high power telescopes that help you make precise measurements even in the wettest conditions. Their unique automatic air-dampened compensator prevents magnetic interference.

AP/AC/AX Series Auto LevelsNikon AP/AC/AE Auto Levels

Like their total stations, Nikon's auto levels let more light in than the competition. This is especially helpful in low-light conditions. The magnification of these units are 28x, 24x and 20x respectively. All of these models offer minimum focusing down to 2.46 feet for better performance in tight spots or steep slopes.