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Our state of the art calibration facility keeps our customer's equipment at peak performance.

Early on, we learned the importance of having an on-site service center. Let's face it, the industry is rough on equipment and sometimes it is difficult to keep within manufacturer's specifications.


Our technicians understand that and through continuing education efforts we can properly assess and perform repairs to your valuable assets while doing so in a timely manner. We provide you with a service rental so your business can still move forward and stay on track while we get your equipment back in working order.

Internal Repair

When you purchase your equipment from Eastpoint Lasers not only will it be checked before you receive it, but, you can have it maintained throughout its life at our shop in Hooksett, NH. Which in turn, saves you the cost of sending it out to a facility that could take months to repair and where you don't know or fully trust anyone, while also being out of your equipment for a long time.

At Eastpoint, we want to save you the trouble of trying to get someone on the phone or having to go through the hassle of "listening to the following options, because the menu has changed."

Call Eastpoint Lasers, call a person on the other end of the line who knows your name and can tell you exactly who worked on your equipment.

Not only will we tell you who worked on your equipment, you can talk to our technicians, you can see them, you can visit our facility.

Besides our service, we also offer rental units for you to use while your equipment is being repaired.

From rotating lasers, pipe lasers, theodolites, data collectors, auto levels to total stations and GPS - we have it all so you won't be down while you wait!