Eastpoint Lasers


SECO manufacturers a wide range of products for both the construction and land surveying industries. If you need it in the field, SECO makes it!


SECO Offers a Wide Variety of Accessory Products Including:

  • Aluminum Tripods, Wood/Fiberglass TripodsField Supplies
  • Rover RodsGrade Rods
  • Prism Poles
  • Prisms & Assemblies
  • Tribrachs & Adapters
  • Vests
  • Padded Bags
  • Grade Rods
  • Survey Supplies
  • And Many More!

    Surveyors VestBags and CasesPrism AssemblyAluminum TripodsPrism PolesRover RodTri-Max TripodRover RodTribrachs and AdaptersTri-Max TripodTribrachs and Adapters