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Rotating Lasers

Spectra Precision products are known for their reliability and ruggedness. Eastpoint Lasers can provide you with the perfect rotating laser for your specific needs!

We sell a multitude of Spectra Precision instruments, however, the models listed below are some of our favorites.

First, the LL500, a rotating laser used for long range measuring. This laser has a 1,600 foot working diameter and is an ideal one-person leveling system. The automatic and durable LL300N is a single cross-axis manual slope laser. It's self-leveling mode allows grade matching and is perfect for basic slope work. Next, the versatile HV302G is capable of working inside, outside, up and down. It is the perfect system for interior jobs and installation, as it is designed for use by any contractor. Last but certainly not least, the intuitive GL612 features electronic self-leveling and provides fast, easy horizontal level, grade, and vertical plumb setup. The possibilities are astronomical...

LL300 Laser


UL633 Uiversal Laser LL300 Rotating Laser LL500 Laser HV302G Laser