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Out Now! DG613 and DG813!

LL300 Laser

Click for brochure"Compact, Tough and Smart - Perfection in a Pipe"

The new DG613 & DG813 are specially designed to fit around tighter inverts. Due to their ruggedness, these models thrive in underground conditions.

Their beams move quickly and accurately for alignment and grade. With their new menu driven interface, they are extremely easy to use. Working in the trenches just got easier!


DG511/DG711 Pipe Lasers


DG511/DG711 Pipe LasersDG511 & DG711: "Construction Tough, Extremely Reliable, Easiest to Use"

(Unfortunately, these models are discontinued. We still service them!)

The DG511 & DG711 were one of the best pipe lasers on the market. Designed to be the smartest and most resilient tools you'll own.