Spectra Precision

DET-2 Digital Theodolite


  • 2" angular accuracy - accurate enough for any construction job, yet the display resolution can be tailored to operator's preferences for fast readings
  • Vertical axis compensation - tilt sensor provides the highest level of accuracy and can be turned on or off depending on job requirements
  • Dual LCD with extra large characters - easy to see angle readings eliminate errors and reduces eye fatigue
  • Back-lit LCD and telescope reticle - allows work in low light conditions including indoors and extended hours near dawn and dusk Simple six button keypad - quick setups and simple operation with low operator learning curve
  • Large suite of programmable settings - provide multiple options for various users and job requirements

  Click on the above picture to download the DET-2 datasheet.  

David White

LT8-300P (with Optical Plummet)


Magnification: 1.5X 

Fixed Focus: From 4'-7' 

Reticle: Crosshairs, wire type, adjustable focus 

Field of view: 3.5" at 5' distance 

  Click on the above picture to download the LT8-300P datasheet.  

LT8-300LP (with Laser Plummet)


635nm diode. 

Uses a (3v) CR2 lithium battery. (Provides 60+ hours intermittent use.)

 Laser Dot Size ≤2mm @2m (6’).

  Click on the above picture to download the LT8-300LP datasheet.   

LT8-300LTU Optical Line Transit


This instrument is intended for determining and checking precise horizontal partitions. 360° telescope rotation allows you to see directly below the instrument for pipe laying applications. 

  Click on the above picture to download the LT8-300LTU datasheet.